Summary of the election 2020 irregularities in Georgia based on the U.S. Supreme Court Complaint.

  • 00:00 Overview of the Supreme Court Complaint
  • 00:27 Overview of Georgia
Mail-in Ballot
  • 02:15 Biden got almost twice as many absentee votes as Trump
  • 02:32 Over 300 absentee ballot drop boxes were illegally used
Signature Verification
  • 02:59 Law requirements for reviewing signatures on absentee voter ballots were illegally changed
Ballot Rejection
  • 03:27 There were more mail-in ballots in 2020 than in 2016 but the rejection rate was 17 times lower
Voting Machine
  • 04:06 There was a 93.67% error rate when scanning ballots
  • 04:40 Tens of thousands of votes switched between the two candidates
Possible Hacking
  • 05:11 Court warned about the insecurity of the ballot marking device (BMD) voting system
  • 05:34 Dominion voting system can be hacked
Other Irregularities
  • 05:46 A “rule” was created to open absentee ballots earlier than allowed by law
Hidden Information
  • 06:09 Georgia won’t disclose Professor Halderman’s report on the security of the Dominion BMD system to CISA
  • 07:20 Georgia has not shown chain of custody records for more than 355,000 mail-in ballots deposited in drop boxes
  • 07:40 Georgia Election Director illegally granted permission to erase in-person ballot images from memory cards
  • 07:57 Voting ballot images were illegally destroyed
  • 08:22 17,690 mail-in ballots are missing Fulton County
  • 08:32 Election records have to be saved by law
  • 08:44 Ballot images are the only records that can show authenticity of the ballot cast based on its metadata
  • 08:57

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