Summary of the election 2020 irregularities in Michigan based on the U.S. Supreme Court Complaint.

  • 00:00 Overview of the Supreme Court Complaint
  • 00:27 Overview of Michigan
Mail-in Ballot
  • 01:33 The number of absentee votes casted in 2020 was more than 5 times the number of absentee ballots requested in 2016
  • 01:50 The Secretary of State said her office would mail unsolicited absentee voter ballot applications to all registered Michigan voters. This is illegal.
Signature Verification
  • 02:23 No signature verification for absentee voter ballot applications
  • 03:17 No signature verification for absentee ballots in Wayne County
  • 03:48 Video footage showed ballots were dropped off without chain of custody and past the deadline
Voting Machine
  • 04:12 6000 votes switched from Trump to Biden in Antrim County
Internet Connection
  • 04:36 Dominion voting machine in Antrim County was connected to Taiwan
Other Irregularities
  • 04:54 Number of people who checked in didn’t match the number of ballots casted
Hidden Information
  • 05:12 Canvassers Board members in Detriot voted to certify the results after severe harassment
  • 05:45

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