Summary of the election 2020 irregularities in Arizona based on the U.S. Supreme Court Complaint.

  • 00:00 Overview of the Supreme Court Complaint
  • 00:31 Overview of Arizona
Signature Verification
  • 01:16 Signature anomalies found on early voting ballot return envelope images
  • 02:40 Voter registration deadline was illegally extended
Internet Connection
  • 03:09 Forensic audit found the election system was connected to the Internet
Other Irregularities
  • 03:26 Forensic audit found anomalies in Maricopa County
Hidden Information
  • 03:42 The “Maricopa Board” withheld election materials covered by the subpoenas
  • 04:22 Data on Maricopa County’s Election Management System (EMS) server was overwritten – destroying evidence
  • 04:58

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