Summary of the election 2020 irregularities in Wisconsin based on the U.S. Supreme Court Complaint.

  • 0:00 Overview of the Supreme Court Complaint
  • 0:25 Overview of Wisconsin
Voter Registration
  • 1:28 45,665 new voters submitted driver’s license information that didn’t match DMV records
Mail-in Ballot
  • 1:58 The number of mail-in ballots in 2020 was more than twice the number of mail-in ballots in 2016
  • 2:24 Hundreds of absentee ballot drop boxes were illegally used
Ballot Rejection
  • 2:52 There were more mail-in ballots in 2020 than in 2016 but the rejection rate was 6 times lower
Internet Connection
  • 3:12 Dominion machines were connected to a “hidden” Wi-Fi network at the ballot tabulation center in Green Bay
Other Irregularities
  • 3:47 Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) illegally encouraged voters to declare themselves “indefinitely confined” to avoid ballot security requirements
  • 5:00 Incompetent nursing home residents voted
Hidden Information
  • 5:52 Wisconsin counties refused to cooperate with auditors
  • 6:20

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